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Adam Egger
2 min readOct 26, 2018

Hi all, thank you so much for all your answers to my question about creativity. Please find below some of your answers. So grateful!

You All Are Creative!

With my question “What do you create”, I wanted to show you that we’re all in the creativity business. We ALL need weird, new ideas to solve our daily problems, to find new things to work on, or maybe to serve others. Read the answers and enjoy the diversity:

Margareta: I create new ways for myself to find new ideas.

Heidi: I create songs for my dog based on popular music (changing the words to suit him) while we go for walks

Knut: I create the sum of all music I’ve heard in my life.

Jürgen: I create good mood in people and I creatively hide small gifts for others in nature.

Christie: I create correlations for a new responsible approach to nature.

Joachim: I create images based on photography. This can be pure photography or they are combined or overlaid. My intention is to create a picture composition where the viewer can dwell on it for a longer time, a bit like paintings.

Melanie: I create ideas for a social exchange, not only for my seniors.

Stefie: I create harmony.

So great. What are your favorites?

Your Creative Genius

And here’s a fantastic video for all of you who create something every day — i.e. all of you. Treat creativity like a muse that comes and goes. Especially enjoy the story about the creative process of the fantastic musician Tom Waits. It’s hilarious!

Relax For Free

Whether you’re at your desk, feeling lost in your lunch hour, or struggling with the commute home, you can apply low-cost solutions to feeling better. Check out the list of 50 proven relaxation tips in this excellent new infographic:

Relax without money header dv2

Quid Corner — 50 Ways to Relax Without Spending

Shine in the Job Market

This video is about one of the most important skills: learning agility. How can one find out if a person has learning agility?

Ask them. What did you learn last week, last month, last year.

New Creativity Question

After answering “what do you create” please tell me

What makes you creative?

Is it a room? A point in time? Food? Other senses? People? Things? Will send some of your answers in the next newsletter.

Thank you all!




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