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Adam Egger
2 min readOct 13, 2017

Hi friends, here’s another question to help you get to know yourself.

What Are Your Superpowers?

Sometimes by looking back into the past, you can get a glimpse of who you really are. What you loved doing before others started telling you what you should do. So what did you enjoy doing at age 10?

If we can identify our strengths and build on them, we can lead happier, more successful lives.

Well I used to read the encyclopedia at age 10, every single day.

What about you?

Esperanto — Easiest Language in the World

Do you know Esperanto? The language invented around 150 years ago? It’s spoken by several million of people around the world.
What’s special about it? Listen to this great podcast episode about Esperanto or just read this:

In an EU study they compared some European languages to see how long it takes to become fluent. So it takes about 1000 hours to become fluent in Italian, 1500 hours in English and 2000 (!) hours in German.
This means you’ll be fluent after 3 to 6 years of learning these languages for one hour every single day. In comparison it takes just 150 hours to become fluent in Esperanto. So you need just 6 months of daily practice to be an expert in Esperanto. Wow!

What’s the reason for it’s simplicity? Esperanto has just 16 rules, that’s it. All nouns end with an O, all adjectives end with an A, there are no articles and absolutely no exceptions.

After learning Turkish for a while, I want to give Esperanto a try.
Who wants to join me in learning the easiest language of the world on Connect with me there.

Rivers As Veins

Take a look at the incredible ‘vein maps’ of the world that reveal rivers as you’ve never seen them before. The maps visualize rivers and streams, using a rainbow of colours to differentiate the branches. Impressive and beautiful!

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Incredible maps that reveal the world’s rivers as ‘veins’ | Daily Mail

The Seven-Year Monk Endurance Test

Kaihōgyō is a 1000-day pilgrimage performed by Tendai Buddhists. The pilgrimage has been only completed by 46 monks since 1884. They run hundreds of marathons over seven years in the middle of the night.

Quote I Love

“The most powerful anti-depressant is doing for other people.” — Esther Perel

This sounds cheesy but giving is an incredible superpower. It’s not about giving money or material things. Giving is about making the other person feel good — by giving them time, by giving a compliment or just a smile.

Live your life as if everyone else was going to die today (J.Altucher)!




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