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Adam Egger
2 min readJun 26, 2020

Hi friends, here is your weekly dose of “Simply Good Life”, a newsletter that tries to make your day a little bit better and help you to grow personally and professionally. Enjoy!

Sleep And Recover Better

The binaural beats were the most popular topic in one of my previous newsletter issues. Here’s something similar.

Pink Noise is a research-backed way to enhance sleep and recovery. Have you tried it out? Read more below:


Pink Noise: 1 Easy Trick to Enhance Your Sleep | The

Our Great Indoors

The photographer Erin Sullivan has a creative way of bringing the outdoors inside during the self-quarantine. She hikes through a “Paper Bag Canyon” or paddles through the “ice caves”. Click through the gallery for more of her miniature adventure scenes (thank you Heidi for this creative link).

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Creative ‘outdoor’ photos shot during self-isolation | CNN

6 Steps to Relieve Headaches & Fix Neck Pain

Spending a lot of time working from home with all the virtual Skype and Zoom calls can lead to neck pain. Here are two videos with simple exercises that I use to reduce headaches or neck pain.

Quote I Love

“Don’t respond to rudeness. When people are rude to you, they reveal who they are, not who you are. Don’t take it personally. Be silent.” Buddha

What others say or think about you has nothing to do with reality. It’s just their perception. If someone is rude to you, let them be. It’s not your business, it’s theirs.

Have a good day, all!




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