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Adam Egger
3 min readMar 29, 2019

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Benefits of Cold Showers

There are many benefits of cold showers. But did you know cold water could even help your mental state? Conditioning your brain to accept cold water may be hard, but the health benefits are well worth it. You will be able to activate natural healing powers that support your physiological and mental state, and feel healthier and happier. Even if you begin with a very quick cold shower, the results will be dramatic.

Lightspring shutterstock 275272916 power cold water feature

Benefits of Cold Showers | The Power of Cold
How cold water immersion activates your body’s natural healing abilities to properly support your physiological and mental state of being.

Kurt Vonnegut on how to write better

Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite writers. Listen to some of his tips on how to become a better writer. Simple and powerful.

Why you should use vocal warm ups

Most people think vocal warm-ups are only important for singers. Wrong! Every professional should be using vocal warm-up exercises to sound more powerful in meetings, when giving important presentations or to improve speeches.

If you’ve ever spoken up in a meeting or given a presentation or speech, then you need these vocal warm-up exercises:

Vocal warm ups

5 Vocal Warm Ups Before Meetings, Speeches and Presentations | Science of

The Benefits of Boredom

In this video from BBC Reel, psychologist Sandi Mann explains why boredom is important.

When you’re bored, you tend to daydream and your mind wanders. And this is a very very important part of the creative process… If you find that you’re stuck on a problem, or you’re really worried about something, you can’t find your way out, take some time out. Just be bored. Let your mind wander and you might just find that a creative solution will pop into your head.

Don’t Quit in Pain

I listen to every episode of Adam Grant’s podcast, it’s about how to make work suck less :-) Here’s a quote from an episode with Angela Duckworth:

So if you quit at a low point, you’re putting too much weight on present pain and not enough weight on future growth. Quit on a high note, and you’ll be left without regrets.

I’d love to know your favorite quotes. What are the quotes that help you get through life?

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