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“What do we love to give but hate to take?”


“I made this with my bare hands”

Knut did it again. Knut, an old friend of mine, recently released some new tracks. I love listening to his music while I’m working (here’s his previous album “Monchichi and Alltag” that I still listen to quite often).

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My Main Focus Music

Other than that I usually listen to Binaural Beats for hours on end when I need to focus.

Meditation Can Change Your Life

You’ll be surprised how meditation can change your life. Here are some interviews with the world’s biggest promoters of meditation about the advantages of regular meditation.

Quote I Love

“Don’t write to put your ideas down; write to think”



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Adam Egger

Adam Egger

Helping with Innovation, Transition and Growth | Strategy and Innovation can be fun and simple | Working at @softwareag. A minimalist living a good life.