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Adam Egger
3 min readAug 28, 2020

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“What do we love to give but hate to take?”

The answer is advice.

It looks like the topic of advice is a big one. Asking for advice seems to be a great way to deepen the connection with someone else (see last week’s issue). But also, be mindful that even with the best intentions, giving unsolicited advice can come across like criticism.

People hate getting unsolicited advice!

So what’s the way to offer your advice in a way that is actually helpful and not annoying.

Elizabeth Bernstein, who wrote the “Bonds: On Relationships” column for the Wall Street Journal, has some suggestions.


How to Offer Someone Advice Without Making Them Hate

“I made this with my bare hands”

Knut did it again. Knut, an old friend of mine, recently released some new tracks. I love listening to his music while I’m working (here’s his previous album “Monchichi and Alltag” that I still listen to quite often).

“I started producing these 3 tracks in a different world… …and if 2020 is the year of trials and tribulations, i urge y´all to hold on hope for a better tomorrow. “

“I made this with my bare hands” Knut

Great job my buddy!

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lament, by nailz

My Main Focus Music

Other than that I usually listen to Binaural Beats for hours on end when I need to focus.

Tell me what you think about the track below, is it purely boring or does it help you to stay focused?

Meditation Can Change Your Life

You’ll be surprised how meditation can change your life. Here are some interviews with the world’s biggest promoters of meditation about the advantages of regular meditation.

Personally, I feel less stressed, much quieter, more self-confident, and more optimistic as soon as I regularly meditate once or twice every day.

Quote I Love

“Don’t write to put your ideas down; write to think”

Still need to learn to follow this one. My ego always wants me to write about things I understand rather than about things I don’t understand.

Have a fantastic day, all


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