Simply Good Life — Kiss More, Write Better and Sleep Deeper

Adam Egger
2 min readApr 19, 2019

Hi all, here are some ingredients of a good life: a deeper sleep, creativity and kisses :-) Enjoy!

Sleep Better, Not Longer

My last night’s sleep results

I’m pretty much into tracking my sleep. I managed to increase the amount of my deep and my REM sleep. Why? Because I still keep finding studies that convince me to sleep better (not to sleep more): “It’s not time that heals all wound, but time spent during REM sleep”.

Writer’s Block

You may remember the fantastic commencement speech I sent some weeks ago: “Make Good Art” by Neil Gaiman. It’s so good I rewatch it every 6 months. Neil also wrote the beautiful “Neverwhere” book. My whole family couldn’t stop listening to its audiobook version. So you can imagine how happy I was to hear that Tim Ferriss did a long podcast interview with Neil Gaiman. Here’s my favorite part of the interview:

Neil’s biggest rule when writing –“You can sit here and write or you can sit here and do nothing, but you can’t sit here and do anything else. Writing is actually more interesting than doing nothing after a while


Neil Gaiman: The Interview I’ve Waited 20 Years To Do — The Tim Ferriss Show — Podcast

Become A Great Writer in 13 Tweets

Writing well is hard, but Steven Pinker — one of my favorite optimistic writers — managed to create a list of 13 tweet-length tips for becoming a great writer.

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A Harvard Linguist’s (and Bill Gates’s Favorite Author) 13 Simple Tips for Becoming a Great

Take Kisses Seriously!

Regularly exchanging a kiss with one’s partner may seem a trivial matter, but it creates a connection which might help to save a relationship over the long term. Take kisses seriously!

Quote I Love

Here’s another quote from Tim Ferriss. This one actually changed how I see my life (well, it is perfect!). Tim imagines himself in the future, asking “How much would I pay to be in this moment again?”

How do you feel when you read this quote?

Have a great weekend




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