Simply Good Life — Improve Your Inner Voice | Sleep Better | Be Better at Small Talk

Sleep More

I love using my Oura ring to analyze my sleep every morning. I’ve learned so much about things that cause my sleep quality to worsen and the ones that improve the amount of deep and REM sleep.

Turn Small Talk Into An Amazing Conversation

It’s possible to turn those boring everyday conversations into meaningful ones. Ones where you learn about and really connect with people. In this video, you’ll learn from some of the best conversationalists about moving from small talk to deep connections.

Argue Better

I enjoy learning about ways to improve how to communicate with our loved ones. These tips are especially important while stuck at home with someone during a pandemic.

Quote I Love



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Adam Egger

Adam Egger

Helping with Innovation, Transition and Growth | Strategy and Innovation can be fun and simple | Working at @softwareag. A minimalist living a good life.