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My dear friend Padma from Bangalore in India started an impressive initiative: Masks4All. Masks4All is a not-for-profit initiative that produces re-usable masks at cost for everyone. It aims both at reducing the risk of spreading the virus and at employing many Bangalore based skilled tailors who would otherwise have no means of earning their livelihood during these times of lock down. They already donated over 1000 masks free of charge to the police and other front-line workers and plan to donate 1000s more.

What additionally impressed me is the amount of money Padma collected from Software AG India colleagues to support this initiative: 55.000€ (or 4.500.000 Rupies)!

If you also want to support this initiative or simply want to give feedback to Padma, just send me a message by replying to this newsletter and I will connect you. I am so proud of you Padma!

Understand Yourself

Here’s a simple exercise that helps to understand yourself:

What are your open browser tabs? Or what are your partner’s open browser tabs?

Tips for Couples in Quarantine

The episode of the Tim Ferris podcast with the psychotherapist Esther Perel was eye-opening for me. Esther Perel explains how to manage relationships in challenging situations and gives phrases for deepening the conversation with loved ones.

For example, if friends answer “great” when you ask how they are doing, simply ask them a deeper follow-up question like “how are you sleeping?”.

If you feel like you’re not allowed to complain now, since there is a lot to be grateful for, Esther Perel explains “You can feel humble, you can feel thankful to things, but you can’t feel great in this moment because if you’re feeling great in this moment, you’re detached. You’re disconnected.”

An here’s the favorite one I took out from this interview. Each morning give your partner a warning of where your emotional level is at with a percentage of how full your tank is. Now, if I don’t sleep well, I will let my wife know I’m just at 30%. It helps so much to navigate through daily life together.

Radio Stations

Explore live radio from all over the world by rotating the globe. What fun! I just listened to a radio station from Nigeria.

Facebook 2

Radio Garden — Explore live radio by rotating the

Quote I Love

“In the aftermath of a disaster, there will be more babies, more marriages, and more divorces. It’s either life is short, what are we waiting for, let’s make a baby. It’s either life is short, I’ve waited long enough, let’s leave. ” –Esther Perel

Another great quote from the interview with Esther Perel.

What is it that you struggle with right now?




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