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How To Receive Praise The Right Way

You can tell the character of every person when you see how they receive praise. — Seneca the Younger

Do you have difficulties believing or accepting praise? Here is a great wikiHow description of how to best accept praise.

How to Accept Praise: 12 Steps (with Pictures) —
Do you have a hard time believing or accepting praise? Have you ever gotten a compliment that you didn’t believe to be true? People can have a hard time accepting praise for a number of reasons. You might have low self-worth where you…

Bucketlist Goals in Germany etc

The readers of this newsletter seem to love beautiful pictures. These links are always hugely popular here. So here are two lists with breathtaking photos.

The first one shows the most beautiful places in Germany. The second one shows pictures that bring a smile to our faces. Enjoy!

BUCKETLIST GOALS! Die 30 atemberaubendsten Orte Deutschlands, die auf jede Bucket List gehö

Bella Black’s answer to Which are some of the photos that bring a smile to your face? — Quora

The Best Excuse Ever

Do you have a hard time rejecting requests? I do, I say yes too often. Steve Kamb, the founder of, taught me the most polite way to say no. The best excuse is just to say you have a rule.

“I have a rule that I don’t decide on the phone.”

“I have a rule that I don’t write reviews.”

“I have a rule that I don’t speak for free anymore.”

“I have a rule that I am home for bath time with the kids every night.”

People respect rules, and they accept that it is not you rejecting the request, but the rule allows you no choice.

I’ve used this method often and it has always worked!

Ryan Holiday’s 33 Favorite Pieces of Advice for Life |

Are you in the Second Half of Your Life?

“Your concern is not so much to have what you love anymore but to love what you have — right now. This is a monumental change from the first half of life, so much so that it is almost the litmus test of whether you are in the second half of life at all” — Falling Upward by Richard Rohr

I love the life that I have now. I wouldn’t want to change anything in my life now. It looks like I am already in the second half of my life.

This quote reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Confucius:

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”


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