Simply Good Life — How to Read More, Learn Faster and Be a Minimalist

Adam Egger
2 min readSep 29, 2017

Hi all, another interesting question to learn about you today. Also learn to learn faster and to read more.

Learn Who You Are

Here’s the next question to find out what drives you:
Who do you envy?”. I love this question because of it’s simplicity.
By asking yourself who you envy you’ll clearly see who you want to become and what about this person inspires you. Powerful.

Value of Minimalism

This is a fantastic short read about the value of minimalism.

Part of having more, is wanting less.
Being content with less, is itself an increase.

I hugely enjoy my minimalistic life.

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The Value of Minimalism — Personal Growth —

Learn to Read More

Do you want to read more? Build a habit of reading a few pages a day. The goal is to read 25 pages a day, every day.
You’ll end up reading 30 books per year! Impressive, isn’t it?

Reading a book

Why You Shouldn’t Slog Through

Learn to Learn Faster

Do you want to learn faster? Do you want your children to memorize things more quickly? This video will give you some simple tips how to increase the learning speed: say it out loud, create mnemonics, stay hydrated etc etc.

Quote I Love

I found this one in one of the two newsletters I read every week “Recomendo”. Recomendo always recommends things that impress me:

Mindful eating tip: A new habit I’ve picked up is to put my fork down between bites. Originally this was a weight-loss tip — and it has helped me eat less — but also it’s helped me relax while eating, and I enjoy my meals more.

Have a relaxed day,


PS: I’d like you to send me a video or an article that made you happy. What was it?

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