Simply Good Life — How to Live a Better Life


This week’s newsletter is about living a better life. One way to live a better life is to search for new beautiful moments every day.

Complain Less

Death is Inevitable

The World Exists in Your Eyes Only

How Not to Take Things Personally?

How often do you take things personally? Do you sometimes think others talk or even laugh about you? Here is a TED talk that can help you not to take things personally. Especially the last seconds are fantastic:

Quote I Love

Here is another great Einstein quote about being curious.

  • What makes me like certain colors?
  • How can a song make me relaxed?
  • Why do I hate some smells and love others?
  • What details make me think a person is beautiful?



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Adam Egger

Adam Egger

Helping with Innovation, Transition and Growth | Strategy and Innovation can be fun and simple | Working at @softwareag. A minimalist living a good life.