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Adam Egger
3 min readDec 21, 2018

Hello from Israel, I’m just in the middle of a workshop with our key customer here in Tel Aviv. And here are some of my findings of this week in this issue starting my third year of writing this newsletter (Issue #105 :-) ). Enjoy!

Learn to Learn

I recently gave a presentation about meta-learning which is the skill of learning how to learn. One thing I learned during the preparation for this presentation is that:

Information + Emotion = Long Term Memory

“If you don’t feel emotional about something, you’re not going to learn. If you’re not excited about the field you’re studying, you will learn at half the rate of someone who’s truly excited about it.” Robert Greene

Discover Your Values in 3 Minutes

This Personal Values Assessment takes only 3 minutes to complete and you’ll feel naked after reading the report of what matters to you the most. Really impressive!


The one thing you can do to maximize your chance of success in life, romance, business or anything else is to cultivate a positive, optimistic attitude.

The optimistic mindset, how you think about the world is the single most important thing that everybody has. More important than the money you have, your education and the assets you own.

If you’re a negative person and you watch bad news every day, if you go to bed every day thinking the world is going to fall apart you’re not going to invest, you’re not going to take care of yourself, not contributing to society, you’re going to be on a slow decline. If you’re super excited about the future, about the world if you have a growth mindset, a mindset of vitality, of gratitude you’re going to attract amazing people and opportunities to you. Doesn’t matter if you’re the best programmer etc. People will want to take part in your life and support you.

Peter Diamandis — futurist

Solve Your Life Problems

We all have problems and all of our problems are the same. We can’t avoid them, so learn how to solve the typical life problems here:

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15 Typical Life Problems And How To Solve Them. — The Mission —

Critical Thinking Again — Gray Thinking

Last week I showed you a way to learn critical thinking. Here’s another good question to ask yourself when examining a situation — “Under what circumstances would I change my mind on this? Black or white thinking is basically saying you’re 100% certain in your opinion. But this shouldn’t be the case. A good tip — Describe the degree to which you think you’re right (assign a %). This opens you up mentally to being able to change your mind — this is a move towards gray thinking” (learned from Robert Greene)

So be optimistic, be critical, be happy!




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