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Favorite Season

Finally, it’s spring here in Germany. I love to watch nature wake up in spring, I love the colors around.

Here are some blooming cherry trees near our house here in Darmstadt. ❤

Darmstadt, Germany

Some day, I’d love to experience the real cherry blossom bloom. The one in Japan. Here are some pictures of Japan’s famous cherry blossoms.

Japan’s cherry blossom bloom — in pictures | World news | The Guardian
Japan’s famous cherry blossoms have reached their flowery peak in many places early this year

Cooking Tips

I am passionate about cooking. I try out new recipes all the time. I also try to improve my cooking skills by constantly learning from the experts. Here is a list of some great cooking tips shared by world-class chefs. Here are my learnings:

7 — Remember that food continues cooking even when it’s removed from heat

13- With herbs and spices, learn how to add and when to taste (this was completely new to me: you shouldn’t taste the food for at least 15 minutes after adding dry herbs or black pepper)

And yes, I already sharpen my knives almost every day and use mise-en-place constantly.

If you have favorite recipes, please, please send them to me!

Chefs Are Sharing The Most Important Cooking Tips They’ve Ever Learned (And I’m Taking Notes)
These are definitely worth remembering.

Have Constructive Conversations

In conversations, do you sometimes think the difference in opinions is so big that you simply want to stop talking to the other person? Learn here how to still have a constructive conversation with someone you completely disagree with.

The trick is to simply use the “curiosity conversation” technique. The idea is to try to understand the other person’s perspective instead of arguing. So, the next time someone says something you disagree with you only need one sentence and one question:

“I’ve never thought about it exactly that way before. What can you share to help me see what you see?”.

It’s not about winning conversations, you can’t win them. Simply try to learn from the other person. Also, don’t expect to be convinced, just try to understand WHY they think what they think. This will definitely improve the conversation.

Additionally, when people explain their position they often realize the shortcomings of their idea. Win-win :)

How to Have Constructive

Send me your favorite recipes, send me articles, books, and videos you think should be shared with my readers.

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