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How to Disagree with Someone

In his new book “How to Avoid Loserthink”, Scott Adams — the author of Dilbert — described two great techniques he uses to disagree with someone.

#1: First, state what you do agree on. Then, slowly introduce the disagreements. By introducing what you agree on first, the other person is primed to think: “Okay, this person agrees with me on a bunch of stuff, so maybe I should take him/her seriously”

#2: Put your disagreements in the form of questions, rather than statements. For example, you might ask the person you’re disagreeing with: “What would it look like if your idea played out for the next 10 years?”

Have you ever used the techniques above? What are some techniques that you use?

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Scott Adams: How to Avoid Loserthink- The Knowledge Project, Hosted by Shane Parrish — Podcast

How to Tell If You Are an Introvert

If you’re not sure if you’re an introvert, just go through the questions below. How many of these questions do you answer with yes?

  • Need silence to concentrate.
  • Are self-aware.
  • Take time making decisions.
  • Feel comfortable being alone.
  • Prefer to write rather than talk.
  • Feel tired after being in a crowd.

Here’s another way of finding out if you’re an introvert.

Be Challenged

A lot of people give up because things are tough, but that’s the point. In order to become stronger, you need to be challenged and do things that are hard. Once you overcome a difficult task, you get the reward of accomplishing it for the rest of your life. Once you’ve finished 4-years of college, you’re a college graduate for the rest of your life. — — Ed Latimore

I love this quote. The marathons I ran make me a marathon runner for the rest of my life, the difficult projects I took over make me the person who can work with the most difficult setups forever.

Be challenged!


Masculinity | Ed Latimore on The 2 Cent Dad Podcast • Podcast

Quote I Love

I discovered Seneca, the ancient Roman philosopher, some years ago when I read the great book “Obstacle is the Way”. His stoic lifestyle impressed me a lot. I try to follow some of his rules in my daily life, like “imagine you have nothing at all, can you be still happy?”.

Here’s another great quote by Seneca.

Often a very old man has no other proof of his long life than his age.’ — — Seneca

Isn’t this great? What is it that you think is your proof of your long life?

Have a fantastic day, all


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