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Adam Egger
2 min readOct 4, 2019

Hi friends, here is your weekly dose of “Simply Good Life,” a list of things that will help you to grow personally and professionally. Enjoy!

Good Life

Removing the bad from our life doesn’t create a good life. It leaves a vacuum, it creates too much free time that can become fertilizer for self-doubt and anxiety. So if subtracting the bad does not create a better life, what does? You’ll also need to add good things to your life, more learning, more experiences, more things to move towards your ideal life vision. Do you have an ideal vision of your life? You should.

Design Your Ideal Life

But why should we have a life vision? If you don’t have a vision on the goal you want to reach, you’ll simply never get there.

I’ve tested several life vision concepts. The best one for me is still Lifebook. Lifebook guides you towards your personal vision of success in 12 dimensions of life. It helps to discover what you really want. And it helps to define the exact steps to take, to quickly turn your vision of your best life into reality.

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Lifebook — Design Your Ideal
Discover Lifebook: The Ultimate Lifestyle Design Methodology That Empowers You To Live An Extraordinary Life In All 12 Dimensions Of Your Being

My Favorite Podcast App Is Now Free

Pocket Casts has been my favorite podcast app for the last two years, and now it’s even better because it’s now completely free.

Here’s a quick list of what makes Pocket Casts app so great:

  • Sleep timer
  • Cross-platform content syncing (add episodes to your playlist on your iPad, listen later in your browser or on Android)
  • Volume booster and silence trim
  • Adjustable playback speed

I especially like the silence trimmer and the variable playback speed. You can download Pocket Casts from Google Play or from App Store. Enjoy!

Health Quote I Love

I regularly listen to Dr. Peter Attia’s podcasts to learn more about health, sleep, and longevity. I learned from him that longevity is a compounding sport: it’s better to go slowly but regularly and to be consistent with the way we sleep, eat and exercise to experience greater benefits much later on.

“Don’t try to trade your health for wealth then buy your health back”

Isn’t this a powerful reminder to focus on the own health first?

Have a great healthy week, friends!


PS: Which topic is your favorite this week? Do you have any suggestions? Please send your favorites or give me feedback below or in the Simply Good Life WhatsApp group.



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