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Adam Egger
3 min readJan 11, 2019

Greetings from the Netherlands friends!

Here are some of my favorite learnings and articles from this week:

Definition of Long-Term Happiness

I try not to focus on things that create short-term happiness (pleasure) but rather on things that create the real long-term happiness. There seem to be four elements that sustain long-term happiness and are universal across all cultures:

1) optimism — believing that our behavior will eventually matter

2) social connection — the breadth and depth of our relationships

3) how we perceive stress — as challenges instead of threats

4) meaning — the connection between our actions and our values

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The New Definition of Happiness | Live Happy

Want to Live Longer?

There’s just one proven way to live longer. You need to lengthen your telomeres. How? Focus on the right food, the right mindset, the two important supplements, and the right stress reduction methods:


How To Care For Your Telomeres To Slow

want to live longer? Lengthen your telomeres.

Live a No Regrets Life

Find below 575 bucket list ideas to live a no regrets life. Don’t wait too long to begin your journey. Make plans using some of these great ideas:

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575+ Bucket List Ideas To Live A No Regrets

Become a Better Communicator

One of the most important aspects of a meaningful conversation is listening. If you’re asking a question and aren’t listening, you’re not having a conversation at all. So one of the easiest ways that we can practice active listening and avoid a conversation dead-end is to make sure that we are “turning” the conversation in the right way. Find out how:

Success is a Drug

Success is no different to any other drug. It’s enticing. It’s addictive. It provides an escape. It causes withdrawal symptoms. This must be understood — without condemnation or judging — for one to be free. From one futile pursuit or another. @janusfaustus

One of my favorite people on Twitter is Janus. He keeps sending thought-provoking tweets every day. And I especially love the one above. What is the first thought that comes to your mind after reading it?

Have a great weekend, all!




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