Simply Good Life — Cold Showers, Death, 12 Rules

Adam Egger
2 min readMar 23, 2018

Here are some findings I’ve collected this week.
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Cold Showers

A new Dutch study shows that cold showers can benefit your health: People who took them for at least 30 seconds for one month were 29% less sick than a control group — and 54% less if they also engaged in regular physical exercise.
Any volunteers?

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Cold Showers Lead to Fewer Sick
Dousing yourself with freezing water may boost your physical resilience, a new Dutch study shows.

12 Rules For Life

Take a look at these 12 rules for life written by Jordan Peterson. Fantastic learnings, what is your favorite one? Here’s mine:

Set your house in perfect order
before you criticise the world

Wow, this one is so simple but so true. What do you think?

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Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules for life — Marginal

A Moving Talk about The End Of Life

At the end of our lives, what do we most wish for?
For many, it’s simply comfort, respect, love.

BJ Miller is a palliative care physician who tries to create a dignified, graceful end of life for his patients.
This talk asks big questions about what we think about death.

Quote I Love

“Always forgive your enemies;
nothing annoys them so much.”
Oscar Wilde

I love it and I live it. Can you be like this?

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