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Adam Egger
2 min readFeb 8, 2019

Hi all, enjoy today’s newsletter. I especially like the personality test and the simplicity video. What are your favorites today?

Personality Quiz Backed By Science

Most personality quizzes are junk science. Here’s a one that isn’t. Take this personality quiz that is fast and is backed by science.

If you click on the link below you’ll see your results next to the results of people reading this newsletter and the US population.

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Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science |
The Big Five is the way most psychologists test personality. See your score on different traits like extraversion and agreeableness and then find how your personality compares with that of the average American.

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Secret to Giving a Compliment

Want an easy way to brighten another person’s day? Offer them specific, heartfelt praise, says educator Cheryl Ferguson.

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The secret to giving a compliment that makes people glow |
The secret to giving a compliment that makes people glow

How Sleep Impacts Your Weight

There are many ways how bad sleep or rather the lack of good, quality sleep disrupts your metabolism and hormonal balance.

A hormonal disbalance in turn plays a big role in weight gain.

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The Many Ways Bad Sleep Makes You Fat! — Be

Add Simplicity to Your Life

We identify things we like as simple and things we don’t as complicated (is running simple or complicated? The answer depends on whether you like running or not).

Watch this video to understand how we can use this concept to simplify things we’re avoiding to make them more appealing.

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PS: What are your favorites today? What are your personality traits?



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