Lesson 3 — Learn to Say No

Adam Egger
2 min readFeb 28, 2020

Simple Lessons to Become the Most Innovative Person Around

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Last week one of my readers asked me about my way of prioritizing. Her question was “How do you prioritize and say ‘no’ to projects — even when they are awesome?”

I have two ways of deciding if I should say yes or no to projects. One is the “Hell Yeah or No” technique by Derek Sivers. It’s only a yes if you think “Hell Yeah! I want this project”. If it’s not a “Hell Yeah” so it’s a no. This principle hugely helped me to decide. I travel less now, I say no to new projects. If it’s not a “Hell Yeah” so it’s a no.

Hell Yeah or No — by Derek Sivers

Secondly, I start every year with the definition of the perfect end. I pause and reflect on the perfect outcome. I tell myself: “Imagine it’s January 1st, 2021. you look back at the year 2020 and you just smile. People around you praise you, it was simply a perfect year (personally and at work). Describe what happened.”.

By doing this I definitely see what is important, I definitely know the one thing I should focus on. This exercise is comparable to the idea from the book THE ONE THING by Gary Keller.



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