Adam’s 5 Finds: Stolen Email Addresses | Be Charming | Da Vinci’s To Do List

Check if Hackers Have your Email Address

This is a fantastic service to find out if your email address is known by hackers out there. They found out that my private email addresses and passwords have been stolen five times so far!
Thank you Stefan M. for the tip, please guys follow him for other IT tips!


Beautiful Nature Spectacle — Aurora Boreallis

Impressive video of the Aurora Boreallis in real time (no time lapse) and people reacting to this spectacle. The world is beautiful, enjoy!


Do You Want to be Interesting?

Do you want to know how to be more charming and interesting? Read this article or better follow Vanessa van Edwards on Twitter or Youtube. There’s no-one with so much expertise in body language like her!

Fighting the lazy

TED Talk to Watch

Another great TED Talk. “Are you a Giver or a Taker?” Adam Grant — organizational psychologist — shows simple strategies to promote a good culture at work.

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Motivation — See Da Vinci’s To Do List From 1490

Learn from the best: See how Leonardo Da Vinci’s to do list looked like back in 1490. You can learn so much from this:

  • How to reach goals by thinking big
  • How to be more creative by observing things and taking daily notes…
Da vinci todo list



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Adam Egger

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