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Adam Egger
2 min readJun 30, 2017

Hi all,

This week I especially enjoyed listening to the Google interview about how they decide who to hire.

Have fun!

Fantastic Exercise to Learn About You

This is a great exercise to better know why you are who you are. Read the whole article below or watch this video to understand how envy can show you what is important to you. So who do you envy? Now think about the reason you envy them. Now you’ll clearly see the things they have but you miss in your life. Eye opening!

I generally love all “The Book of Life” videos, but this one taught me something new about me.


On Envy | The Book of

Your Brain Explained

Do you want to see how our brain works in a simple way? Here’s a great description of our three brain systems. Wonderful and helpful.


3 Brain Systems That Control Your Behavior: Reptilian, Limbic, Neo Cortex —

Learn To Hire Like Google

A quote from an interview with Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Alphabet/Google:

“Pragmatic advice for companies that can set the bar at Himalayan heights. Persistence is the single biggest predictor of future success, the second thing is curiosity, what you care about. The combination of persistence and curiosity is a very good predictor of employees success in a knowledge economy.”

More things to learn about how the operate at Google in Reid Hoffman’s interview with Eric Schmidt.

Did You Know…

How to easily choose what to eat:
Dietary fat drives satiety. Dietary sugar drives hunger. The sugar effect dominates. Control your appetite accordingly (learned from @naval)

This is the reason I start every day with a bunch of healthy fats.

Quote I Love

Some books teach to “Live your life like it’s your last day”. What does that even mean? Should you party all day long? Try to do this instead:

Live life like it’s everyone else’s last day — James Altucher

Then you learn to treat everyone with the highest respect. They are dying tomorrow!

Have a great weekend, all




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