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Adam Egger
4 min readMay 5, 2017

Hi all, after coming back from Malaysia I’ll be running workshops in Austria next week. Great to see the world!

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Exercise to Rejuvenate your Body

This is not the usual weekly creativity exercise, rather the right exercise for you need to stay healthy forever. What do you think is the right way to exercise? Is is moderate cardio, weight lifting or interval training?

There seem to only be one sort of workout that can undo what the years did to your body. It’s surprisingly the interval training. It seems as if the decline in the cellular health of muscles associated with aging can be “corrected” with intense exercise. So go for a brief interval training three times a week going hard for four minutes, resting for three and then repeating that sequence three more times.

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The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles — The New York
The toll that aging takes on a body extends all the way down to the cellular level. But the damage accrued by cells in older muscles is especially severe, because they do not regenerate easily and they become weaker as their mitochondria, which produce energy, diminish in vigor and number.

Future Skills

What should we teach our kids? There’s not much you can teach them in regard of their future job since:

“65 percent of children entering grade school this year will end up working in careers that haven’t even been invented yet.”

Which means two thirds of our kids will have a job title that doesn’t exist now. The only things that cannot be done by robots are these four Cs:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

These are the aspects you need to focus on and luckily these aspects are all part of what I teach in my “How to Solve Problems That Cannot Be Googled” workshops. These are the future skills!

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No Job Is Safe, But These Skills Will Always Be Valued in the

Best Body Language For Job Interviews

When it comes to body language I always recommend Vanessa van Edwards online courses and articles.

In the article below Vanessa gives us the nonverbal edge to get a job.

Everyone gets nervous for job interviews and tries to prepare great responses to the interviewers potential questions. But maybe what you say is not as important as how you say it…or what your body is saying during a job interview.
Are you communicating all of your best traits in an interview?

What is your body language saying to the interviewer?

The best body language for job interviews

The Best Body Language For Job Interviews — Science of
Everyone gets nervous applying for a new job. Here’s my picks for the best body language for job interviews.

We Are Wrong To Think We’re Right

I’ve enjoyed a lot this TED talk about truth, about how wrong it is to desire to be right. Julia Galef explains how to test our own beliefs. Great!

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Julia Galef: Are We Wrong To Think We’re Right? :
Our biases lead us to amend the facts. Writer Julia Galef explains how we can have better judgement by developing more empathy and testing our own beliefs.

Quote of The Week

Evidence of good parenting: the child has no desire to be famous.
F.Scott Fitzgerald

Do you teach your kids to believe that happiness can be reached by focusing on external factors or do you teach them happiness comes from inside? Does you child want to be validated by others? Great quote Mr Fitzgerald!

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