Adam’s 5 Finds — How to Reach Goals, How Meditation Helps

Adam Egger
4 min readSep 1, 2017

Hi friends, this one is all about routines and habits. Enjoy!

Goals Vs Habits

There’s one successful way to reach goals. It’s to forget them. Why?

We often focus on our goals, but in fact, the way that we ever get there

is through some kind of repeated action. So what if you just completely forgot about the goal and just focused on the repeated action?

Goals provide direction, and once you have a clear direction, all your energy should be focused on the daily action that will lead you there.

“Top performers are not perfect. They make mistakes just like everybody else. But what separates them is that they get back on track more quickly than other people. If they miss a workout, they’re back in there the very next day. Of course you want to keep your chain going for as long as you can, but at some point, your kid’s going to get sick […] In that case, the idea that I like to keep in mind is “Never miss twice.” As soon as you miss once, put all of your energy into getting back in the very next time, and make sure that you don’t miss twice in a row.”

Read how to forget goals and create habits with simple four phases here:

Snow runner

Habits, Not Goals, Will Bring You Success |

Start Really Small

To create a successful habit we need a system that reduces friction, a system that helps you notice, want, do, and like this new habit.
And all these four steps can be made easier.

For example, if you want to floss consistently you need to see (notice) the floss every morning. If you want to exercise more often put a picture of your role model on your fridge (want). You want to dress nicely but you’re too tired and don’t have time to choose in the morning? Decide what to wear the evening before (save time doing). You don’t like working out in public? Just buy a yoga DVD (like).

Here’s an additional suggestion that most successful people give.
Start with making your bed every day. This small habit will teach you how powerful small but consistent actions are.

What to Focus On In Life

This article helped me to organize my habits. I try to focus on three categories every day — Creation, Learning, Moving. Do you have goals you want to reach in these three categories? Define these three goals and create daily habits to reach them:

CREATION: Write, compose, cook, draw, or create something you can someday sell.
LEARNING: Read, listen, or watch something thoughtful and enlightening. Attend a class or tutor someone in need.
MOVING: Be physically active, and find ways to combine moving with learning at some point to save time.

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Life Balance and a Five-Year Plan — Neil

See Things More Clearly

My morning routine is pretty much the same every day. I first have some quiet time, I meditate for about 20 minutes every morning. Then I have a bulletproof coffee, often a kettlebell swing workout or a 7 minute workout and a cold shower. But the most profound changes made by far my consistent meditation session.

Read how meditation helped leaders like Steve Jobs achieve goals:

“If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there’s room to hear more subtle things — that’s when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present.”


How Meditation Helped These Leaders Achieve Extraordinary

Habit Quotes I Love

“Mastery doesn’t come from an infographic. What you know doesn’t mean shit. It’s what you do consistently.” — Tony Robbins

“I’ve found that the first thirty minutes of my day have the biggest impact on how I feel for the rest of my waking hours.” –

Molli Surowiec

Tell me what goal strategy works best for you. Do you focus on goals or habits? What do you struggle with the most?

Have a great weekend!




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