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Adam Egger
2 min readAug 11, 2017

Hi all,

I especially enjoyed the Atlantic article about the destroyed generation and the interview with Naval Ravikant. A lot to learn from! Enjoy.

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

Just see the results presented in this The Atlantic article, wow:

iPhone Effect on Teens:
1) Not hanging out with friends.
2) In no rush to drive.
3) Less dating.
4) Less sex.
5) Lonelier.
6) Less sleep.

“No exceptions — all screen activities linked to less happiness, all nonscreen activities linked to more happiness.”

Favorite Workout

If you enjoyed my newsletter about the simplest but extremely effective 7 minute workout you’ll also like the new version of the New York Times workout: The 9 Minute Workout. No more “I don’t have time” excuses.


Does Anybody Even Do These Super Short Workouts?

What is Happiness, What Are Pleasures?

What is the definition of desires and what is the difference between pleasure and happiness. Listen to this very short interview with Naval Ravikant, the person I’m learning the most from at the moment.

I love how he talks about life: “Life is short, I’m dying every minute of my life.” And “Happiness is the sense that nothing is missing in the moment”. This is the only quote I have on my desk all the time.

Too Much Water Will Kill You

A lot of things can kill you — but here are some surprising ones. Did you know that 70 cups of coffee contain enough caffeine to kill a 70kg person? 13 consecutive shots can be lethal too. Also chocolate is lethal, find out how much here:

Quote I Love

A card created by Emily McDowell

So if you feel broken think about these broken objects repaired with gold!

Have a great weekend!




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