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Adam Egger
3 min readFeb 10, 2017

Hi all, here are again my 5 Friday Finds. Enjoy!

Exercise to Become a Creativity Machine

Best way to become creative is to actually train your creativity muscle. Since creativity is the ability to create new ideas, you just need to do exactly this: create new ideas. So produce lists of 10 things about everything on a daily basis. The first three ideas are always simple, then the brain hurts, but it will get easier with every day! So create a list of 10 people you miss right now, 10 cities you want to see in your life, 10 things that are on your bucket list, 10 things that can be improved in your office (see my list below).
This is what I do to strengthen my idea muscle.

In February I am going to put most of my idea lists online:

This Danish Ad is Impressive

Please watch this Danish ad. It’s powerful:


TV 2 | All That We Share —
We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. Maybe we have more in common than what we think? Introducing All That We Share. The English version.

Learn to Ask Great Questions

Whenever I see old things that are still being used I ask myself how they managed to create this thing. This is a great way to learn how to ask good questions which is needed to be innovative. Only great questions lead to great innovative ideas. So ask yourself why did they choose this material, why did it survive all the centuries, ask 5x why!

These amazing windmills are among the oldest in the world. Located in the Iranian town of Nashtifan, initially named Nish Toofan, or “storm’s sting,” the windmills have withstood winds of up to 74 miles an hour. With the design thought to have been created in eastern Persia between 500–900 A.D., they have been in use for several centuries.

The 1000 year old windmills of nashtifan 253x150

The 1,000 year old windmills of Nashtifan | The Kid Should See

Something You Probably Wouldn’t Ever Ask

Or would you ask why people like the smell of their own farts?


Why We Like the Smell of Our Own
Farts are weird. It seems perfectly fine when we let one rip, despite the stink bomb it may be. We can tolerate our own, but if someone else cuts the cheese? Aw, heck no. Theirs is unbearable.

Favorite Quote of the Week

Just love this quote, and I perform the happiness training on a daily basis as I described in my previous newsletter.

Have a great weekend and be happy, all!


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